Is i3 diamond clarity bad?

Answer On One Hand: It's the Lowest RatingDiamond clarity ranges from flawless, meaning the diamond has no inclusions or blemishes, to i3, which means "Included 3." A diamond with a rating of i3 has inclu... Read More »

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How is clarity enhanced in a diamond?

The diamond's clarity is often enhanced by experienced gemologists using laser drilling and fracture filling. These enhancements have been used since the eighties, and have helped make diamonds mor... Read More »

Which clarity is rare for a diamond?

Diamond clarity refers to the quantity of "clarity characteristics" present in the stone. Clarity characteristics can be present both inside of the stone and on the surface. Diamonds are considered... Read More »

What is a clarity-enchanced diamond?

Clarity refers to the transparency and the number of flaws found in a gemstone. Clarity-enhanced diamonds have had flaws fixed or removed using mechanical treatments. The Diamond Review website say... Read More »

What is the highest diamond clarity grade?

The Gemological Institute of America rates diamond clarity on an 11-grade scale. The highest clarity on this scale is "flawless" or "FL." A flawless diamond has no internal or external flaws that a... Read More »