Is hydrogen gas a safe gas?

Answer On One Hand: All Flammable Gasses are DangerousThe question of safety with flammable gasses is dubious. No flammable gas is safe. Hydrogen has a relatively low-ignition energy, requiring only a sma... Read More »

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Are hydrogen conversions safe?

On One Hand: Hydrogen Conversions Are SafeHydrogen conversions are very safe. There is literally no danger of a fire or explosion because the hydrogen is produced as needed and burned up almost imm... Read More »

Is 3% hydrogen peroxide safe to use, and if so, what quantity should be used?

The concept of using hydrogen peroxide as cancer treatment comes from a disproved theory that cancer thrives in a low-oxygen environment. Today we know that high levels of oxygen do not harm cancer... Read More »

Are hydrogen fuel cell cars safe?

On One Hand: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Are SafeHydrogen is less flammable and explosive than gasoline. A fire or explosion is highly unlikely because hydrogen dissipates quickly and would not maintai... Read More »

Is hydrogen peroxide safe to whiten teeths?

Hi az,The cheapest and safest way to get your teeth whitened is to get the Crest White Strips. Though there are other options. You should NOT use hydrogen peroxide for a prolonged period not only b... Read More »