Is hydrogen a nonmetal?

Answer The Bodner Research website of Purdue University says that it is difficult to classify hydrogen as a metal or nonmetal. Its electronegativity lies halfway between metals and nonmetals, and so the ... Read More »

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Is hydrogen a nonmetal or a metal?

Despite the fact that the periodic table places hydrogen--the simplest element in the world--in the first row with other alkali metals, science considers hydrogen to be a nonmetal, according to Sci... Read More »

Is hydrogen a metal, nonmetal or metalloid?

The element hydrogen is a nonmetal. That is why their is a gap between hydrogen (H) and the element lithium (Li) in the periodic table. Nonmetals have no luster, do not reflect light, are very brit... Read More »

Is sodium metal or nonmetal?

According to Web Elements, sodium is a silvery white metal, which is classified as an alkali metal on the periodic table. Alkali metals are highly reactive and don't occur in nature.References:Web ... Read More »

Is tin a metal, nonmetal or metalloid?

Tin (Sn) is a post-transition metal and is number 50 in the periodic table. Tin is a pliable, soft, silvery-white metal that grants many common uses, one being the non-corrosive lining in food pres... Read More »