Vegans, do you think HUNTING is wrong?

Answer Killing is killing, no matter how the animal has lived. The idea of farming -raising animals born to be killed...- is much more twisted, but the end is the same. The idea of milking an animal is ev... Read More »

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Is Hunting Island State Park right outside of Beaufort, South Carolina?

Hunting Island State Park is 16.8 miles from Beaufort, South Carolina. Travel south from Beaufort on U.S. 21/Sea Island Parkway and turn left when you reach Hunting Island Drive.References:Hunting ... Read More »

Havy sex.wrong or right?

LOL! you're gettin it ON!! its fine just dont get pregnant or STDs

Abortion, right or wrong?

If we lived the way that God wants us to live, we would marry, and then get pregnant. When we got pregnant, we would want our child and love not only the child's other parent but, we would love ou... Read More »

Ear piercing in babies Right or Wrong?

I got mine done when I was 4 after a few weeks of repeated asking. I was ready for it and totally ready to take care of them myself. But i was also the kind of kid that would spend time on stuff li... Read More »