Is human urine a good compost activator?

Answer I believe so.

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Has anyone ever heard of using human urine in compost!?

Yes I have heard about it, This practice is big in the UK, here is a link,…read through it there is a lot of infoNo I don't do that, I think that some peo... Read More »

How to Compost Human Manure?

Human manure contains nutrients plants need, just like animal manure. Fresh human waste can carry some parasites and diseases, but a few months of composting will kill them, leaving an organic matt... Read More »

How do you get human urine out of a leather couch?

Answer Above ground pools are the cheapest. Any in-ground pools are very costly. Many people love the above ground pools and the whole family can enjoy. If you would like further info go to:Goog... Read More »

How to Remove Human Urine Smell?

Human urine is one of the more difficult substances to completely remove from an absorbent object, because it contains salts that seep deep into an object. Unlike the rest of the urine, the salts d... Read More »