Is human urine a good compost activator?

Answer I believe so.

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Has anyone ever heard of using human urine in compost!?

Yes I have heard about it, This practice is big in the UK, here is a link,…read through it there is a lot of infoNo I don't do that, I think that some peo... Read More »

How to Compost Human Manure?

Human manure contains nutrients plants need, just like animal manure. Fresh human waste can carry some parasites and diseases, but a few months of composting will kill them, leaving an organic matt... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Raccoons With Human Urine?

Raccoons like to be clean and hygienic. That is why they never use their dens as bathrooms and why they wash their food before the consume it. Ammonia is a chemical compound naturally found in urin... Read More »

Between 1 and 10 how toxic is human urine?

I'm not exactly sure of the number but it can't be THAT bad if you can drink your own urine to survive if you are stranded with no food or water