Is human levitation real?

Answer On One Hand: There Are No Scientific RecordsThere have been no scientifically conducted, reproducible tests finding that human beings could levitate without the assistance of tools or technology. T... Read More »

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Is levitation real?

On One Hand: It Hasn't Been ProvenHuman levitation is a common feature of myth and urban legend. However, no systematic, reproducible studies have demonstrated the ability of any person or object t... Read More »

How to Do a Levitation Trick?

Levitation is one of the most exciting illusions a magician can perform. This trick has been around as long as magic has been practiced, and you can accomplish it using a variety of methods and tec... Read More »

Is levitation a myth?

On One Hand: Spontaneous Human Levitation is a MythSpontaneous human levitation appears often in myths and legends from many human cultures. It's even a part of modern "urban legend" and parapsycho... Read More »

How to Do the Wild Levitation?

You Levitate With a jacket in front of your body!