Information on Feeding Human Food to Dogs?

Answer It can be difficult to turn down Fido's sad eyes while you're preparing dinner. However, feeding human food to dogs can have many negative consequences. While not all people food is bad for dogs, t... Read More »

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What human food makes dogs sick?

Several foods safe for human consumption may wreak havoc on your dog's digestive and nervous systems. Avoid giving your pet these foods in order to keep it safe and healthy.Chocolate and coffeeAcco... Read More »

The Hazards of Feeding Dogs Human Food?

Feeding a pet the same thing you cook for yourself is not always wise. The nutritional needs and health of a canine are different than that of a human, and feeding dogs human food also can be hazar... Read More »

Is human shampoo good for dogs?

On One Hand: Benefits of Human ShampooShampoo made for humans contains detergents and other ingredients that help cleanse hair and scalp. It also contains fragrance, which can leave your dog's coat... Read More »

Is a raw food diet for dogs good or bad?

On One Hand: Health and Safety ConcernsMany vets feel that raw-food diets present issues such as bacterial contamination, injuries inside the body from chewing raw bones and dietary deficiencies. A... Read More »