Is human cloning ethical or unethical?

Answer On One Hand: Benefits to MankindAccording to the Human Cloning Foundation, human cloning is ethical for the many benefits it can provide to mankind. They argue that infertile couples will be able t... Read More »

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Is wanting a deaf baby if you are a deaf couple ethical or unethical and for what reasons?

Desire to Have a Deaf Baby CONSENSUS on this page seems to be: 1. Deaf parents wanting to adopt a deaf baby (one already born deaf) is ethical and probably advantageous, laudable. 2. Deaf parents... Read More »

Is human cloning illegal in the USA?

As of 2010, the U.S. has not federal law banning human cloning. However, 15 states have laws that restrict all or some types of human cloning (reproductive or therapeutic), according to the Nationa... Read More »

Laws for Human Cloning?

Science does not yet have the ability to successfully clone human beings, although other mammals have been cloned in the past. Still, many people believe that one day the technology will exist to c... Read More »

Is human cloning legal?

As of 2010, in the United States, 15 states have laws that ban the funding or cloning or cloning for reproductive purposes, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Around the wo... Read More »