Is hp computers good?

Answer Ya. if it gets slow just reinstall windows. It is sooo fast!

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Can anyone good with computers tell me if this is a good PC to buy................?

Im sure that RAM is really really bad you want 1gb minimum nowadays, that is 4 times more than 256mb

Are Dell computers any good They seem to have some good offers on but not sure about them?

We use a healthy blend of Dell computers for Windows users here at work, and Macs for the design people.They seem to have a 3% lemon rate, where sometimes you just get crap parts and have to eventu... Read More »

Are lenovo computers good?

On One Hand: Lenovo is Known for Quality and AffordabilityOn, Lenovo users rate the desktops and laptops very well when it comes to overall reliability and features. The Lenovo bra... Read More »

Are emachine computers good?

On One Hand: eMachines are affordablePC Magazine notes that what makes eMachine computers so attractive is their extremely low prices. Computers manufactured by eMachines offer consumers a low-cost... Read More »