What is the best hookah How can I get best wholesale hookah?

Answer I think you can check the website adress I haven given at my resource box. It is the best one so far...

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Hookah pen what is it.....what does it do?

It's an eCigarette flavored in typical hookah flavors.It's virtually harmless.…

Is hookah bad for you?

Yes hookers are bad for you because you lose money and you get STD's

How to Set up a Hookah?

Hookah is a water piped smoking device used in many cultures. Smoking hookah is popular in the middle eastern cultures. Recently, smoking hookah is socially acceptable in party scenes.

It a hookah pen bad for u?

a hookah is an instrument used for smoking a special type of flavored tobacco, popularly known as ‘shisha pen’. There are a variety of pleasing flavors, like strawberry, apple, mint, etc, which... Read More »