How do you use a Hooka ?

Answer You need the hooka (or narghile), plus a small number of other things: shisha tobacco (basically tobacco mixed with molasses and aromatic additives), charcoal to heat the tobacco (you can buy speci... Read More »

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Is hooka tobacco?

A hookah is a water pipe "with a smoke chamber, a bowl, a pipe and a hose," according to Mayo Clinic's website. A hookah pipe is used to smoke specially made tobacco.Source:Mayo Clinic: Hookah smok... Read More »

How would i smoke weed out of a hooka?

Weed is terrible for hookahs. Wait until you have shisha and mix your weed in. What is better is mixing very clean hash in with your shisha. Generally though, weed resonates horribly in a hookah an... Read More »

How to Smoke Shisha from a Hooka Pipe?

Have you ever wondered what the experience of smoking shisha from a shisha pipe (or hookah pipe) is like? If you have a bit of spare money for your own pipe or borrow a friends, you can save money ... Read More »

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