Is honey exchangeable with golden syrup ?

Answer Yes, you are not substituting the whole amount just adding to the honey to come up with the full measurement called for. It will be fine for your purposes.

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How to Make Fly Paper With Golden Syrup?

You can make an inexpensive and effective, non-chemical fly paper at home to catch those pesky flies, just using a common pantry item, golden syrup. If you cannot get golden syrup, trial with other... Read More »

Can corn syrup be used in place of golden syrup?

Substitute equal parts corn syrup for golden syrup. Though the vegetable-based sweetener's milder flavor may not correspond to golden syrup's treacly boldness, corn syrup adequately serves recipes ... Read More »

How to Make Gingerbread Cookies With Golden Syrup?

These cookies are delicious iced; they are similar to the traditional rinses cookies of German origin, with a golden syrup addition.

How to Make Golden Syrup Pudding With Self Raising Flour?

This version of golden syrup pudding produces a substantial pudding that will serve 4–6 heartily. Perfect on a cold winter's night, this is a traditional pudding that has been enjoyed for over a ... Read More »