Is homeopathy the modern equivalent of witchcraft?

Answer I think homoeopathy is scientifically and philosophically akin to witchcraft, yes. For some reason people seem very keen to believe in magic.Like religion and similar phenomenons, practices like ho... Read More »

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What's the modern equivalent to a cassette recorder?

There are digital equivalents that are pretty easy to use, I've got one for going to meetings. The one I found is as simple as "hit record, talk, hit stop recording" and later plug it into a comput... Read More »

Which one do you feel is best among modern medicine, homeopathy, ayurveda or any other system of medicine Why?

Meditation along with raising Kundalini because it prevents illness. : )

Does homeopathy medicines really improves the male sex power i need best homeopathy clinic in hyderabad?

Homeopathy doesn't help anything. It's just water, so unless your ED is caused by psychological reasons it's not going to be helped by a placebo. Homeopathy is ludicrous nonsense, don't ever wast... Read More »

How to Practice Witchcraft?

Want to heal the sick, commune with nature, dance in the moonlight or just wear a pointy hat? Real "Witchcraft" might involve a lot more than you think.