Is home pet burial legal in maryland?

Answer Residential pet burial is legal in Maryland, according to Beloved Pet Cremation Service. However, state law stipulates that the grave must contain at least three feet of dirt over the pet's body. M... Read More »

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What is legal age for children to be home alone after school in Maryland? Please keep the child rear-facing for as long as possible (according to the limits of your particular seat).

How long can a funeral home hold a deceased body before burial?

The amount of time a funeral home can keep a body before burial varies from state to state. It also depends on whether the body is embalmed or refrigerated within a 24-hour period, as most states r... Read More »

Are radar detectors legal in maryland?

Radar detectors, which help motorists avoid being caught speeding by law enforcement by alerting them when the driver's speed is being monitored, are legal in Maryland in cars and trucks weighing l... Read More »

Are stun guns legal in Maryland?

Stun guns are legal in Maryland. There are specific counties where they are prohibited. They are prohibited in Howard County for law enforcement and citizens. They are also prohibited in Baltimore ... Read More »