Is home loan modification a good idea?

Answer On One Hand: Loan Modification can be a Good IdeaLoan modification adjusts the terms, rate and payment of a loan in order to prevent foreclosure. This program is a good way to keep home owners in t... Read More »

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What is a home loan modification?

Adjusting interest rates, a job loss or other extenuating circumstances can leave a borrower unable to make his mortgage payments. Should this occur, he may attempt to obtain a home loan modificati... Read More »

What is involved in a home loan modification?

A home loan modification is when your lender reduces your interest rate and payments on your mortgage because of a financial hardship, making payments more affordable. You must meet some qualificat... Read More »

Can you sell your home after a loan modification?

On One Hand: A Home Can Be Sold After Loan Modification.Yes, a home can be sold after a loan modification as long as the selling price will cover the new loan and any other related fees. MakingHome... Read More »

We got denied for a Home Modification Loan from an ARM to a Fixed Rate?

Write your Representative and both Senators from your state. All your (and my and everybody else's) tax dollars are disappearing down a Black Hole with this "bailout" nonsense. Detail your situat... Read More »