Is herbal tea good for you?

Answer Yes, No doubt green tea is good for health !!

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Herbal remedies good or bad?

Herbal remedies have all the same risks chemical remedies do. There's always the chance for allergic reaction, interaction between them and other natural or chemical substances you might be taking... Read More »

What is a good herbal medicine for diabeties?

do breathing excercise called kapalbhati for 10-15 minutes early morning before eating anything and also in the eveningfor 10-15 minutes.this excercise is have to pull your stomach muscl... Read More »

What are herbal red marine algae good for?

Red marine algae are seaweeds native to the waters of southwestern Ireland. They are highly nutritious, containing an abundance of readily absorbable calcium, selenium, magnesium and many other tra... Read More »

Have you found herbal remedies for sleep any good?

No it won't wear off at all...valerian, hops and passionflower you will find in most natural sleep aids...they are powerful calming agents versus being sedatives.What will happen is you may get to ... Read More »