How far can a helium balloon go?

Answer There is no limit to how far a helium balloon can travel laterally--there is, however, a limit to how high a helium balloon can travel. A balloon can only rise about 20 miles (32 kilometers) before... Read More »

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Is helium gas a fluid?

Helium gas is definitely a fluid. A fluid will flow from one location to another and conform its shape to the vessel containing it. The molecules in a fluid move around freely. This definition fits... Read More »


This sounds like a nitrous balloon. It is a drug. Helium would have made your voice funny. If it made you feel goofy and laugh it was Nitrous oxide like they use at the dentist office. Any drug giv... Read More »

Can you put helium in car tires?

It is okay, or safe, to put helium in car tires. There is the idea that it will improve gas mileage. However, as tires all require the same amount of PSI to stay full, there is no real difference... Read More »

Is sucking up helium bad for you?

I don't know but it sure is fun.. wanna come to my onion party? We can all get squeaky voices and cry..... what a blast..