Is height an obstacle in becoming a firefighter?

Answer Keep up the hard work in your fire science/tech courses. The fire/rescue service needs smart, dedicated, physically capable people who are "willing to give it all" they have - just like you.Even a... Read More »

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Requirements for Becoming a Firefighter in Boston?

Requirements to become a firefighter in Boston are extensive. In addition to a number of physical prerequisites, applicants must score high on a statewide aptitude examination administered every tw... Read More »

What are the requirements for becoming a firefighter?

Whether it is a fire, vehicle accident or even an animal in distress, a firefighter is the one to call. Many skills must be mastered before you can become a firefighter. These requirements are impo... Read More »

Are there height requirements to become a firefighter?

Height requirements for firefighters are at the discretion of the city or county where the fire company is located. For example, in Los Angeles, there is no height requirement, but your height to w... Read More »

To pursue a career as a firefighter I am considering going into either the Air Force or the Navy as a firefighter to gain experience My question is which one would be the better choice?

Navy, by far. I don't say that just as a Sailor - it's that Fire is just an everyday part of every sailor's life aboard ship. There are so many things that can cause a fire aboard ship, ever sailor... Read More »