Is heartburn a symptom of acid reflux?

Answer On One Hand: The Most Common Symptom of Acid RefluxThe National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse lists heartburn as the most common sign of acid reflux. Heartburn that occurs at least t... Read More »

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For those who have heartburn quite often, or acid reflux, what kinds of foods and drinks will aggravate you?

Pizza is my favorite food and also my worse enemy, but all the ones that others have mention set's mine off, but pizza usually send me to the ER for a cock tail to get it stopped. . Bless you swe... Read More »

Which is worse: acid reflux or bile reflux?

On One Hand: Bile RefluxBile reflux occurs when bile flows backward from the small intestine into the stomach. It can also flow upward into the esophagus. Unlike acid reflux, bile reflux often cann... Read More »

Is heartburn a serious symptom?

On One Hand: Extremely CommonAccording to, heartburn is one of the most common conditions among Americans--affecting about 70 million people each year. Most of the time, heartburn i... Read More »

Should you take malic acid with acid reflux?

Malic acid is an ingredient in apple cider vinegar, which can be used to help acid reflux. This means you can take malic acid when you have acid reflux. Malic acid may also help you lose weight, fi... Read More »