Are heart palpitations an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer There can be a variety of reason for heart palpitations besides pregnancy. If a person is prone to heart palpitations, it is quite logical that the added stress to the body if it is pregnant can ha... Read More »

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Heart Burn or early signs of a heart attack or heat stroke?

Get checked out by a doctor. That doesn't sound right. It's not heartburn (stomach acid).

Is diarrhea an early sign of pregnancy if it is the only symptom you exhibit or could the cause be stress from worrying about pregnancy?

Answer It is most likely a sign of stress from worrying about being pregnant. Diarrhea isn't necessarily a pregnancy symptom. A lot of pregnant women experience constipation during early pregnancy.... Read More »

Is it possible to have all the sign of early pregnancy 4-6 days before your period and have a negative pregnancy test?

yes, you could be... Let me first say that I have no medical training. But here's what I understand:To answer your question, yes. But things could go either way. You may be pregnant, and it may jus... Read More »

What's an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer Missed period , cramping, tiredness, feeling or being sick.