Is heart breakers a band name?

Answer The Heart Breakers, also called Johnny Thunders and the Heart Breakers, was a rock and roll band in the mid 1970s. A more famous and similarly named band is Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers.Source:... Read More »

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Did The Beanus Breakers dis-band?

Well we have not had a hit in a long time. We lost some of our members (F*ktard and Pleasant Peasant) then Hearts808 (our agent) went she's back. But I dunno...we need a few new members a... Read More »

What is a good band name for a emo, punk band?

Is it ok to take a name of a band and use it for my band?

no you can get sued. Nirvana got sued my some old hippies who had a band in the 60s and they didnt release any records and still won the court case over the namemy ideas for a metal band name are a... Read More »

Name a band And/Or song that has a color in the name?

"Sugar Blue"; "Bobby Blue Bland"."Red River Rock".