Is headphones allowed on board an aeroplane?

Answer Consult your doctor, it sounds like you have a nasty ear infection developing.

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Are headphones allowed on planes?

Yes, on every plane I've been on, you can. Sometimes they will even give some to you.

Are walkie-talkies allowed on board a plane?

There are no restrictions that prohibit walkie-talkies from being brought on board an airplane. However, the Federal Communications Commission does ban the use of such devices on airplanes, due to ... Read More »

Should employees be allowed to wear headphones at work?

It would depend on their occupation. There are many jobs where it is prohibited for safety reasons.

Can you use iphone earphones on an aeroplane?

Yes you can text on the ipod touch 4. You need wifi and you have to download the app "Textnow" and you can text