Is hdmi better than vga?

Answer HDMI and VGA are two interface standards for video signals. While the two are different, the quality of either of them is dependent on the source of the signal rather than the interface. Both are c... Read More »

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Is DVI to HDMI Better Than VGA to VGA?

The advent of digital technology brought clearer and cleaner screen presentations to the computer and home entertainment industries. Developed earlier, analog VGA signals present information to com... Read More »

Why is hdmi better than composite cable?

HDMI is a digital video interface for domestic equipment and was developed to handle high definition signals as well as standard definition. The signals carried on an HDMI cable can contain far mo... Read More »

Are expensive hdmi cables better than cheap ones?

Basically, if you are getting a good picture now, a better cable won't improve it.See the article at the link. Digital signals are basically a stream of 1's and 0's ... as long as the signal can be... Read More »

Is a gold plated HDMI cable better than standard silver?