Is having worms whilat pregnant dangerous to baby?

Answer Talk to your doctor

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Having a baby with herpes dangerous?

Well, of course there is the fact that there is a chance the STD will pass down to your child. But if you are currently pregnant, fret not. Out of about 25% of the women who have Herpes, only 0.1% ... Read More »

How dangerous is it for a 16 year old to get pregnant and have a baby?

AnswerIt is not really dangerous but I would wait until I was a little older.You should be in a good time in your life to have a child. You will want to be able to provide for the baby and having a... Read More »

Will having an ovarian cyst make it more difficult to become pregnant or harm the baby if you are already pregnant?

Answer Yes it can cause complications. If you are not yet pregnant and still trying to conceive talk to your doctor about having it removed before trying to do so if you are already pregnant your d... Read More »

If you had an abortion and you want to get pregnant again is it dangerous for the baby or you?

Some women have difficulty conceiving after an abortion, but there generally isn't more danger for you or the baby. That said, abortion isn't the best form of birth control as it carries risks for ... Read More »