Is having unprotected sex while on your period bad?

Answer Not bad, it just increases the risk of passing on certain diseases, but if you are trying to conceive thent that probably isn't a concern for you two.

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If you had a normal period had unprotected sex then had a very very light period had sex again and after sex your stomach started to cramp can you be pregnant?

AnswerYes pregnancy is always a possibility when you have participated in any unprotected sexual act not to mention the risk of getting a disease I suggest that you go get an at home test asap or m... Read More »

If you had unprotected sex 2 days before your period was due you then took norlevo had period a week later but was only light its 3 wks since MAP had brown discharge since then culd you be pregnant?

Yes, it's possible, but if you have a brown discharge you need to see a doctor right away.

If you had sex on the May 5 unprotected and on the May 6 you had a bright red period is this a real period and could you still be becoming pregnant?

Okay, well there always is a chance, but unless you were pregnant previous to that night, then you wouldn't be having symptoms the next day of conception. It could be a yeast infection. You may wan... Read More »

Can you still be pregnant if you had unprotected sex and it was the day after your period and a month later you had a period but are having symptoms?

If there was one sex act a day after your period and you had a regular period one month later...then you are not likely pregnant. If there have been undisclosed sex acts that would significantly ch... Read More »