Is having too many credit cards bad?

Answer On One Hand: Effect on Credit RatingOpening many lines of credit in your name can affect your ability to obtain more credit. For example, if you apply for a department store credit card but your cr... Read More »

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Does having too many credit cards affect a credit score?

On One Hand: Number of Cards Has No ImpactThe number of credit cards that an individual has does not affect his credit score. Having several credit cards can improve your credit score if you have s... Read More »

How many credit cards do you need for good credit?

On One Hand: One Credit CardApproximately half of the country has only one credit card. If you are not a big credit spender, than one card will probably be sufficient. With a single card, it is e... Read More »

The Similarities Between Islamic Credit Cards & Conventional Credit Cards?

The Koran, the holy scripture of Islam, forbids Muslims to charge interest. As with the Hebrew Scriptures, the Koran places lending in the category of charity, and so regards interest as a form of ... Read More »

Are gold credit cards better than regular credit cards?

On One Hand: Regular Cards Accept Lower RatingsRegular credit cards have higher credit limits than secured cards but often not as high as gold cards. Traditionally, you do not need to have as good... Read More »