Is having a root canal really worse than having your tooth pulled?

Answer I don't think so. I have had both and the root canal was a lot less painful and it took a lot less time to recover afterwords. You don't have to worry about losing the clot with a root canal, you... Read More »

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Root Canal Or wisdom tooth being pulled Which was the worse experience for you?

At 32 ( almost 32), I am fortunate to have to have neither done so far!

Why would you have pain in your upper tooth months after having a root canal?

Answer It is possible that the root canal was not completed successfully. This happened to me. It took me about three years and four different dentists/periodontists to establish that the root cana... Read More »

Is there a way to get a root canal done on a top tooth without having to put the chair so far down that you get claustrophobic?

Answer You may want to ask your dentist if he or she can give you something for anxiety beforehand. Claustrophobia is pretty common. I'm sure they'll help you! ~ T

Is it normal after having a wisdom tooth pulled for your tongue to be yellow and a salty flavor and gooey feeling in the hole where the tooth was?

AnswerYes, it is possible to have a salty flavor and a gooey feeling where the tooth was extracted, but my question is ... "Why are you putting your tongue there and annoying it!" Please don't.Rins... Read More »