Is having Folders coffee in your cup, the best part of waking up?

Answer Noooooooo.I hate coffee.Though, it smells nice... but then I'd be enjoying it in someone ELSE'S cup.

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Is the best part waking up with Folgers in your cup?

For sure!!!! Can't stop thinking about it till I get that cup in my hands! :)

Could you get pregnant if your having fun and you play wrestling with your 9yr old brother and his penis is Aline with your private part and he gets on top of you?

Lol not unless you are both nude, it goes in, and he makes sperm.

What was the best part of your day today with your child/ren?

My husband and I are visiting our family while he recovers from surgery. We were at my parents house today and had our son in his RGO's (walking braces). He's been taking a few assisted steps, an... Read More »

What is the BEST NOISY ALARM for waking up?

A Screaming Meamie Serious most are found at truck stops. And can be used as emergency alarms as well. Very loud