Is haviland cloverleaf china dishwasher safe?

Answer Hi, There is no way to know for sure but since this pattern was made a while back it is probably best to handwash.

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Is Johann Haviland's blue garland china dishwasher safe?

My mom used to put hers in the dishwasher, I now own them and they are still in perfect condition.

Is Limoges china dishwasher safe?

Depending on the platter, Limoges china is dishwasher safe, although it is not recommended, according to Eastside China. Another source,, says china with a gold or platinum design i... Read More »

Is Spode china dishwasher safe?

Spode manufactures china marked "dishwasher safe." Avoid abrasive detergents that may damage delicate glazes. If the piece is not explicitly marked, hand wash with mild dish soap. For a current lis... Read More »

Are china mugs dishwasher safe?

Some are, and some are not. Most mugs manufactured in the last 20 years are dishwasher-safe, and they are marked as such on the bottom. China mugs that are older than 20 years, and those that very ... Read More »