Is hand swelling normal after open hand surgery?

Answer i would see the doctor. i would think you would get swelling after surgery and expect it to start going down after a week or so not the other way round. its always best to check with the doctor in ... Read More »

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Problem with my fingers (on one hand) swelling?

Can anyone give me hand with this please! it's burning like hell and swelling up?

cold bath! before you get in make sure you constantly rinse for about 10 minutes with clean water.

I got my hand caught in car door. How do I reduce the swelling?

ICE!!!!!!!!! and go to hospital if it is really bad, painful or u can't move it cuz it could be broken

Does hand sanitized really work on mosquito bites. I read it stops the swelling. I'm not sure though. ?

Isporal alcohol is the best thing to use for bug bites and to stop a itch or a rash use 99% its better rate best pleas43e