How to Fry a Pork Chop?

Answer Pork chops are great for a family meal or when entertaining guests. This recipe will show you how to fry pork chops and give inspiration to personalize the dish.

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Does chewing gum contain pork?

Chewing gum ingredients may list "gum base," which may include animal-based ingredients such as glycerin or lanolin. Glycerin is a by-product of soap making and may come from pork fat. Therefore, p... Read More »

Where does pork tenderloin come from?

Pork tenderloin is part of the pork loin, a primal cut that runs between the shoulder and leg of a pig. The tenderloin is on the rump end of this cut, surrounded by the rib bones.References:Ask The... Read More »

Where do pork cutlets come from?

Pork sirloin cutlets are boneless and come from the loin of the pig. Pork leg cutlets come from the middle of the leg. Cutlets are not fatty and should be reddish pink as opposed to red. If the mea... Read More »

How to Marinate Pork?

Marinating pork seasons and tenderizes it. You can make your own marinade or buy a commercially prepared brand. The important thing to remember is that marinades should contain an acidic ingredient... Read More »