Can you be the Halo chief in Halo Wars?

Answer The protagonist of the first three "Halo" games, Master Chief, does not feature in the game "Halo Wars." "Halo Wars" is a real-time strategy set several years before the events of "Halo: Combat Evo... Read More »

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How to Win at Halo Wars?

Hello! If you're here, chances are you want to own at the newest game from the Halo series.

What is Halo Wars about?

Halo Wars is a real-time strategy game for the Xbox 360 set within the Halo universe. The game follows the exploits of UNSC soldiers Captain James Cutter and Sergeant Forge as they battle the Coven... Read More »

Is Halo 3 the same as Halo Wars?

No, "Halo 3" is not the same game as "Halo Wars." While both games are on the Xbox 360, they are entirely different games in different genres. "Halo 3" is a first-person shooter, just like "Halo: C... Read More »

Who made Halo Wars?

Released in 2009, Halo Wars was developed by Ensemble Studios / Bungie Software, and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Like the other games in the Halo series, this real time strategy game is on... Read More »