Is halls cough drops ok while pregnant?

Answer Active ingredient is Menthol. I don't know of any FDA research on pregnancy factors with it. Although it is ALWAYS best to consult with your doctor, I can no find any evidence that it is transferre... Read More »

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Im addicted to Halls Cough Drops?

Short answer: The other answers are idiots. Cough drops and/or menthol are NOT harmful. In fact, since the 1800s and even today, you can find the exact same formula sold as candy in many specialty ... Read More »

Is halls or any cough drops safe to take at 11 weeks or during whole pregnancey?

Do cough drops make you cough more?

yes that is the entire purpose of the cough drop industry, to make you cough more, Joey.

Is it Possible to over-does on cough drops?

Yea, when you reach your 100th you should stop lol.