How to Pull the "Gullible" Prank?

Answer This is an easy and stupid prank. Use it to find out who's gullible.

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If you say gullible really slowly, it comes out as 'I love frogs'?

Dammit! What do I have to do to make your list Satanist??anyway to answer your questionI don't think the Rolling Stones were absolutely terrible in the way the Jonas Brothers are absolutely terribl... Read More »

Did you know that gullible is the only search term in Google that does not work?

My Top 9 Answers9) "so"[the indifferent]8) "no thats weird"[the clueless]7) "Really??"[the clueless #2]6) "It does work try it"[please tell me they didn't!]5) "it's working perfectly"[no, not anoth... Read More »

How to Use a Dictionary?

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How to Use the Dictionary in iOS 5?

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