Is guava biennial or annual plant?

Answer guava is a perennial plant

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What is the difference between annual biennial and perennial?

annual means a plant the grows, blooms, seeds and dies in the same seasonbiannual means a plant that has two stages and needs to seasond to complete a life cycle for example onionsperennials live f... Read More »

Does a biennial plant complete its life cycle in six months or two years?

Biennial plants complete their biological life cycle in 2 years. In the first year of a biennial plant's life cycle, the plant grows a group of leaves, radiating in a circle from a central portion ... Read More »

Pineapple Guava Plant?

The pineapple guava, or feijoa sellowiana, is a relatively cold-hardy tropical fruit that can grow as far north as USDA zone 8. The yellow fruit's flavor improves when the plant grows in regions wi... Read More »

How do i plant annual plugs?

PreparationRead the tag on the plug container to determine the specific needs of the plant. Most annual plants require six to eight hours of bright sunlight, but a few varieties will thrive in part... Read More »