Is grout stain safe?

Answer On One Hand: Highly UsefulUsing grout to seal tiles, bricks, flooring or siding is an effective way of fastening materials to any foundation. Grout products are composed of many chemicals, but most... Read More »

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Can I stain grout?

Grout can be stained. Oil-based grout stain is typically available from tile companies and some large home improvement stores. Oil-based products usually work better than their water-based counterp... Read More »

How do I add stain to existing grout?

PrepareWash the tile and grout thoroughly. Allow it to dry. Use painter's masking tape to tape the tile edges--exposing just the grout lines. Press the tape in place firmly so the stain doesn't get... Read More »

How to Remove Red Wine Stain from Grout?

Few items create more insidious household stains than red wine. Prompt removal will ensure red wine stains do not permanently discolor your grout. Even if the stain is older, you still have some op... Read More »

How do I remove red wine stain from grout?

Make a SolutionWear a pair of rubber gloves. Pour 1 cup of water into a plastic spray bottle. Add 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide. Squeeze in 2 drops of liquid dish detergent. Close the top, and shake... Read More »