Is ground rent legal on Florida residential properties?

Answer No. Another View: YES, it is. I am personally aware of a condominium property in St. Petersburg that is occupied on a ground rent contract for which the residents pay a portion of thier monthly ass... Read More »

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How to Calculate Depreciation for Non-Residential Rental Properties?

There are a few different methods for making this calculation, however the most common and straightforward method is the so-called “straight line” depreciation method. Using this formula, annua... Read More »

How to Calculate Depreciation for Your Residential Rental Properties?

If you own residential rental buildings or rent out your home, then you need to calculate rental property depreciation using the same formula, but the useful life span of the building is assumed to... Read More »

How to Rent Residential Property in England?

Most agents have access to all available property via a multi-listing system. Try one and if you work well with them you can be shown any available property.

Can I buy a residential property and rent out rooms as office space?

The house would have to be zoned as commercial and in most areas, a variance would not be granted unless you are EXTREMELY close to commercial property (as in the same block).Remember that renting ... Read More »