Is lipton green tea healthy?

Answer On One Hand: Lipton Green Tea Is HealthyLipton Green Tea is healthy because it contains flavonoid antioxidants. According to Oregon State University, flavonoids help protect your cells from stress ... Read More »

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Healthy Uses for Blue Green Algae?

Found naturally in saltwater lakes in Central and South America and Africa, blue green algae are commonly referred to as spirulina. Writings from Spanish conquistadors indicate that the Aztec peopl... Read More »

Is tazo iced green tea from starbucks healthy?

it's never too hot for hot tea, but yes, iced green tea is healthy. Just don't add to much sweetner.

My Phalaenopsis Orchid Looks Dead But Has Healthy Green Leaves?

As long as the Phalaenopsis leaves are stiff and light green, the moth orchid is viable. As with other orchids, it is natural for Phalaenopsis flowers to die back and drop after blooming for severa... Read More »

Is a green apple just as healthy as a red apple?

it's more then red vs. green, since there are 2,500 varieties grown in America and 7,000 on the market right now in the world.Green takes longer to convert to sugar, one reason I like them best. S... Read More »