Is grasses a word?

Answer Grasses is a word; it is the plural of grass. It is used when talking about: a group of grass plants: " The grasses in the front garden bed were very ornamental in a breeze." several types of gras... Read More »

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Yellow Grasses?

Ornamental grasses make a nice addition to garden landscapes. When choosing ornamental grasses, yellow grasses make a good border for flowerbeds. Several varieties of yellow grasses that add color ... Read More »

Ornamental Indoor Grasses?

In creating a soothing, tranquil home or office, many people turn to houseplants. Increasingly, indoor gardeners are favoring grass as a houseplant---and with good reason. It's easy to grow and car... Read More »

Pink Ornamental Grasses?

Ornamental grasses differ from turf grasses in that they grow larger and have more interesting features that add a touch of intrigue to your lawn or garden. Pink grasses are more rare than green or... Read More »

Desert Plants and Grasses?

Though deserts seem barren and desolate, many species of fauna survive in desert regions. Deserts are hot, cold, arid and semi-arid. The type of plant capable of surviving in a specific desert depe... Read More »