Is graphite a renewable resource?

Answer A renewable resource is something that can be reproduced. Graphite, a mineral often used in pencils, is found in nature and is not man-made. Therefore, it is considered a non-renewable resource.Ref... Read More »

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Is water a renewable or non-renewable natural resource?

Water is considered a renewable resource because it is an energy source that can be reused. The use of water as a renewable resource is called "hydropower," and it is one of the five renewable reso... Read More »

Is biological diversity a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Biodiversity measures the level of variation or "richness" of an ecosystem, either in terms of the genetic variation within a population (such as a population of killer wales) or the number of diff... Read More »

Is oxygen a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Oxygen is a renewable resource because its supplies are continually replenished through the process of plant respiration, which takes in carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen. Humans and other animal... Read More »

Is wind a non-renewable or renewable resource?

Modern wind turbines have become a feasible way to produce electricity for residential and commercial use. Wind energy is generally considered to be a renewable source of energy because the movemen... Read More »