Is google racist Why does someone so powerful like google have to be so mean?

Answer its an scam or you can say Google been spammed.

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Is Google being racist?

hmmm.. weird!Google always celebrates the smallest events, but why Cinco De Mayo??but I don't think that Google is racist or something!maybe they think that Cinco De Mayo is not important (from the... Read More »

On google earth , when you zoom right in its quite blurry, if i buy a more powerful graphics card would it be?

Some areas on google earth don't have close up ariel photos - so a graphics card wouldn't improve things.

Google Maps & Google Earth, but did you know that there is also a Google Moon?

Yeah, definitely! I love Google space. If you look at planets, stars, moons, etc. and there is a picture from the Hubble, it'll come up. Beautiful! That's all I can say.

What if, one day google got deleted and we could not google what happened to google.?

Google is not the only search engine, we have to many sear engines so don't worry.