Is google racist Why does someone so powerful like google have to be so mean?

Answer its an scam or you can say Google been spammed.

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Does Google have any Google/Answer like Yahoo does?

Google Answers succumbed because of its stupid business model.In theory, answers would come from experts, and as such it would be on a higher level than this addictive mayhem full of yahoos.In prac... Read More »

Does Google have a place like Y!A?

There used to be a Google Answers, where you had to apply to be able to answer questions and the asker would pay for the answers, setting the price he would pay for an answer. It's been shut down s... Read More »

Is Google being racist?

hmmm.. weird!Google always celebrates the smallest events, but why Cinco De Mayo??but I don't think that Google is racist or something!maybe they think that Cinco De Mayo is not important (from the... Read More »

Why does google have it's g like that today?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOGLE!!! You have always been a great help to me!! ;)