Is google good or bad?

Answer Its all about how you use it.If one is good everything is good.If bad everything's opposite.

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I found in internet GOOGLE FORTUNE PAKAGE for making money they give good credentials... Is this good pl packa?

Its Fake man. Only way 2 earn money buy google is Ad sense.

Is Google really as good as every one says?

Ditto the vote for dogpile as it combines "all of the above" but, if you're just going to choose between Google and Yahoo! then choose sort of on the premise that the Google crawler favors the *con... Read More »

Is the Google Web Browser any good?

i have used google chrome from its release til last month. its pretty good in my own opinion. i have a good security so i shouldn't be worried much about chrome. it's light and fast compared to oth... Read More »

Is the google phone good?

Yeah its great! If I was to be honest though, Ive had my G1 since the day before it went on the shelves and my iPod Touch for about a year. As you may know the iTouch is basically the iPhone minus ... Read More »