Is gold detectable under a metal detector?

Answer Yes, gold is detectable under a metal detector. You can increase your chances of finding gold or any other metal by keeping the metal detector as close to the ground as possible so the electromagne... Read More »

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How to Use a Gold Metal Detector?

Gold metal detectors are calibrated to find even small deposits of gold and at greater depths than a regular metal detector. Most national forests permit the use of gold metal detectors along with ... Read More »

How do I use a metal detector for gold prospecting?

DetectorsPick a metal detector that is specifically designed to detect gold. Gold metal detectors are able to find gold without wasting your time and effort with readings on other types of metal. G... Read More »

How to Hunt for Gold With a Metal Detector?

Modern metal detectors can detect gold fairly easily. As a beginning hobbyist, there is no need to replace your mid-level metal detector with a high-end model before hunting for gold. If, however, ... Read More »

How to Use a Fisher F70 Gold Prospecting Metal Detector?

The F70 is a metal detector from Fisher Research Labs that can be used to unearth a range of metals, including gold. The detector has two modes. The "autotune" mode is more sensitive and can be use... Read More »