Is going to University as financially daunting as it's made out to be?

Answer In the UK? no, its not. True, its not easy but doable. I saved money on books by using libraries, trawling second hand bookshops and using the department's own resources so they did not break th... Read More »

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Why does learning to drive feel so daunting?

What are you scared will happen?I mean u have to be going really fast to get in a car accidentU have total ctrl of the carMaybe ask yourself why you dont feel you do in most situationsIn most situa... Read More »

I am pretty bored can I pound this section with daunting babby questions for the next 20 minutes or so?

lmao!! go hard!with modeling clay as a prototype then sent to the momthe swings pleasebabby's get dirty easilyno, babbies like vodkababby's are not big talkers, they prefer screamingtoss the dwarf... Read More »

What does it mean to be financially in the red?

When you are financially "in the red," your business is losing more money than it is earning. Although a business might rely upon credit lines or loan extensions and continue to operate, it must be... Read More »

How is Valic doing financially?

Renters Insurance doe snot cover "Real Property". If you have purchased a home then you need a Homeowners Insurance Policy.