Is going to University as financially daunting as it's made out to be?

Answer In the UK? no, its not. True, its not easy but doable. I saved money on books by using libraries, trawling second hand bookshops and using the department's own resources so they did not break th... Read More »

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Why do people who can barely care for their own family financially think fostering kids is going to solve....?

Well, a co-worker of mine was planning her second child KNOWING she didn't have the money to pay for it. She couldn't afford the company's benefits package, but she was planning a baby.She was cou... Read More »

Why does learning to drive feel so daunting?

What are you scared will happen?I mean u have to be going really fast to get in a car accidentU have total ctrl of the carMaybe ask yourself why you dont feel you do in most situationsIn most situa... Read More »

I don't think I'm going to be able to afford university?

Seriously, don't bother with University in the UK, do you know what you would want to study?If you think you can hack it in Inner Europe where it is far cheaper or free. Some of the degrees are eve... Read More »

Scholarships for a highschool student going into grade 12 for university?

Hi Laura~Internet scholarship search sites are good, but they are only one resource you should use to find scholarships. I would advise you to use the big scholarship listing books that you can bu... Read More »