Global Warming Causes of the Ice Age?

Answer Ice ages are when large areas of the surface of the earth are covered with continental glaciers, according to the Illinois State Museum. Global warming has been described as an increase in atmosphe... Read More »

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Could global warming cause an ice age?

On One Hand: Global Warming Could Cause Ice AgeAs global warming melts the polar ice caps, cold, fresh water would flow into the North Atlantic, making the ocean less salty, shutting down the ocean... Read More »

What Are the Major Causes of Global Warming?

According to Naomi Oreskes, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Science Study Programs at the University of California, global warming (and the human contribution to it) is not as de... Read More »

Primary Causes of Global Warming?

During the past century, average global temperatures have risen approximately one degree Fahrenheit. Most mainstream climate scientists agree that the planet is in a warming trend, primarily due to... Read More »

Why does pollution cause global warming?

Pollution, particularly air pollution and pollution that results from agricultural activity, is one of the primary factors in anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming. There are many sources of ... Read More »