Global Warming Causes of the Ice Age?

Answer Ice ages are when large areas of the surface of the earth are covered with continental glaciers, according to the Illinois State Museum. Global warming has been described as an increase in atmosphe... Read More »

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How to Prepare for Global Warming?

Global warming is the gradual increase of the earth's atmospheric temperature. The cause of global warming is the increase of greenhouse gas in the environment. Greenhouse gas comes from carbon dio... Read More »

Is global warming caused by humans?

On One Hand: Evidence Supports ThisScientific evidence strongly supports the conclusion that humans are causing global warming. As a result, global climate experts and environmental protection orga... Read More »

Effects of Global Warming on Trees?

Although you may not know it, the effects of global warming on trees are significant. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), carbon emissions have such an adverse "ecological impac... Read More »

Methods to Stop Global Warming?

Global warming is the rise in temperature due to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global warming has had devastating effects in the world, such as reduced rainfall wh... Read More »