Is glass unreactive?

Answer Some kinds of glass are reactive. Bioactive glass or bioglass reacts to its environment both chemically and physically. Its ability to interact with living tissues has led to its use in biomedical ... Read More »

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Are the noble gases unreactive?

Noble gases are mostly inert because their outer shells contain eight valence electrons--the electrons elements share to form bonds. Elements make bonds to try to fill out the valence shell complet... Read More »

A glass of Pepsi A glass of Apple Juice Or a glass of Lemonade Which from this list do u like better?

Hmm... Lemonade sounds good since it's so hot out today, although I usually prefer apple juice (as long as it's ice cold).Lemonade it is ;) Goodnight Scooter!

Should blue MD 20/20 be served in a red wine glass, a white wine glass, or a merlot glass?

Thunderbird is served in your finest red wine glass.Night Train is served in your finest white wine glass.Mad Dog is served in your finest merlot glass.

Can i use glass cleaner with ammonia in it to clean my scanner glass top and bottom?

Advised to use glass cleaner. Ammonia are not not advised use.