Are stocks considered liquid assets?

Answer Stocks are considered liquid assets. Liquid assets are those that can be converted to cash in a relatively short amount of time. Money market investments, government bonds and certificates of depos... Read More »

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Is glass a crystal or liquid?

Glass has a classification of its own and is neither a liquid or crystal. It does not form a regular pattern as crystals do. However, it does not flow as a liquid does. It is neither liquid nor c... Read More »

How to Use Liquid Glass with Car Wax?

Liquid Glass is a polishing compound similar to other car wax products. Since it actually is a wax, it is unnecessary to add another wax on top of it; according to the manufacturer, another wax pro... Read More »

How to Use Liquid Glass Car Care?

Liquid Glass is a line of products designed to impart high shine to your automobile's exterior. While the products are pricey, the line has a reputation for being durable and of high quality. Liqui... Read More »

How to Fix a Main Gasket With Liquid Glass?

This is supposed to be a temporary fix but I know someone who followed this five years ago and his car still doesn’t leak water.