What is not a solute-solvent combination gas-gas gas-liquid gas-solid liquid-solid?

Answer gas-solid.

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Is yttrium a solid gas or a liquid gas?

Yttrium is an element, a rare earth metal, like nearly all metals at NTP (normal temperature and Pressure) it is a solid. The terms "solid gas" and "liquid gas" do not make any sense as solid, liq... Read More »

Is an icecube a solid or liquid?

Yes, because in it's first state of matter it is an ice cube that has tightly packed molecules and it starts to melt into a liquid.

Is Silly Putty a liquid or solid?

Silly Putty is a solid compound. A researcher at General Electric invented this silicone-based polymer by accident when he was trying to create a synthetic rubber substitutes. Silly Putty did not w... Read More »

Movement of Molecules in Liquid, Solid & Gas?

All matter consists of particles called atoms, which are often bonded together with atoms of other elements to form molecules. Matter exists in four phases -- solid, liquid, gas and plasma -- each ... Read More »