How to Use Liquid Glass Car Care?

Answer Liquid Glass is a line of products designed to impart high shine to your automobile's exterior. While the products are pricey, the line has a reputation for being durable and of high quality. Liqui... Read More »

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How to Use Liquid Glass with Car Wax?

Liquid Glass is a polishing compound similar to other car wax products. Since it actually is a wax, it is unnecessary to add another wax on top of it; according to the manufacturer, another wax pro... Read More »

Is glass a crystal or liquid?

Glass has a classification of its own and is neither a liquid or crystal. It does not form a regular pattern as crystals do. However, it does not flow as a liquid does. It is neither liquid nor c... Read More »

How to Remove Liquid Glass From a Windshield?

Liquid Glass is a product designed to chemically bond to different types of materials in order to create a smooth and shiny wax finish on the interiors of cars and boats. Liquid Glass should not be... Read More »

How to Use a Liquid Glass Cooling System Sealer?

Overheated vehicle engines need shutting down immediately, often stranding the car in an inconvenient location. Severely overheating an engine creates internal failures, requiring expensive interna... Read More »